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Contact Info

Text/Phone: 484-792-1359


Session Fee:

$70 per 50 minute session

Charles W. Brynan III, MRP

Certified Reflexologist


Charles is a graduate of Ursinus College and the International Academy of Medical Reflexology. Charles’s passion is in the healing Arts. As a Reflexologist Charles works to help his patients to de-stress and bring their body’s internal systems into balance. Charles feels the integration of Reflexology with the western health management systems can only enhance the quality of all our lives.



  • Reflexologist Certification, January 2013, International Academy of Medical Reflexology, West Easton, PA

  • Accupoint Reflexology Level 1 Workshop, Langhorne, PA  April 2016

  • Tibetan Head, Neck and Scalp Reflex Therapy, Lone Sorensen, April 2016, Harrisburg, PA

Charles Brynan Business Card
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