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Contact Info

Text/Phone: 215-262-6130


Session Fee:

$70 per 55 minute session

Meg Mautz Business Card

Meg Mautz, CR, CFR

Certified Reflexologist

Certified Facial Reflexologist


   Meg Mautz has been a practicing Reflexologist in Doylestown, PA since 2008. She studied Community Health Education at Temple University, and Emergency Medical Tech at Oakland Community College and is certified in First Aid, CPR and Blood Borne Pathogens.


   Meg's passion for helping others began with her children's medical challenges and the need to create an ongoing way to aid them.  Her compassion and dedication to her clients is evident from their initial visit and felt through her committed touch and ability to pin point the core of the pain or discomfort and get it moving out.


  • Reflexologist Certification, March 2008, The National Academy of Health Sciences and Massage Therapy, Foot and Hand

  • Facial Reflexology Certification, August 2014

  • Accupoint Reflexology Level 1 Workshop, Langhorne, PA  April 2016

  • Tibetan Head, Neck and Scalp Reflex Therapy, Lone Sorensen, April 2016, Harrisburg, PA

  • Japanese Cosmo Lift I, Lone Sorensen, April 2017, Harrisburg, PA

  • Japanese Cosmo Lift II Lone Sorensen, April 2018, Harrisburg, PA

  • Full Body Reflexology Level 1, Arve Fahlvik, Lancaster, Summer 2017

  • PTSD and Bi-Polar Facial Reflexology, Lone Sorensen, April 2018, Harrisburg, PA

  • Lymphatic Drainage, Sally Kay, Essex, VT, Fall 2018

  • Infant, Toddler & Child Reflexology Training & Teaching Course, Sue Ricks, Baltimore, MD, Fall 2018

Japanese Face Lift Package with Meg


Enjoy 13 sessions for the price of 12!


Japanese Face Lift is a one hour session that stimulates the facial muscles  on a deep level, promoting collagen production, eliminating puffiness, improving the appearance of facial lines, treats hot flashes, facial paralysis and migraine headaches.  This technique is most effective over the course of 12 consecutive  treatments scheduled in a timely fashion.     Recommended treatment schedule is twice per week for 6 weeks.  Enjoy 13 sessions for the price of 12. This package must be paid in full on the first session.

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