50 min. Standard Therapeutic Session

(Anna, Charles, Meg & Jeff)


Our signature session is for clients experiencing particular acute or chronic pain and/or chronic health issues and stress. This session uses a combination of foot, hand and/or facial reflexology.  This session encourages improvement of pain while promoting body balance and health.

50 min. Japanese Face Lift (Meg) 


Japanese Face Lift is a one hour session that stimulates the facial muscles on a deep level, promoting collagen production, eliminating puffiness, improving the appearance of facial lines, treats hot flashes, facial paralysis and migraine headaches.

50 min. Tibetan & Therapeutic Reflexology (Meg & Jeff)


Tibetan Reflexology (25 min) helps reduce joint and muscle pain due to inflammation in the neck and shoulder areas. Therapeutic Reflexology of the feet, hands or face completes this amazing session.

50 min. Facial Reflexology (Meg)


Uses gentle facial techniques, devised and trademarked by Lone Sorensen, for precise stimulation of over 500 reflex points, nerve points and zones on the face and scalp. Stimulating the brain, lymphatic system and  all body systems.

50 min. Therapeutic Reflexology wiith Ear Candling (Meg & Jeff)


Therapeutic feet, hand and/or facial reflexology with a pleasant ear candling session where a beeswax cone is placed opening of the ear to draw out pressure and excessive wax from ear canal. release of inner ear pressure, itchiness and may enhance hearing.

50 min. Facial & Body Cupping and Therapeutic Reflexology  (Meg)


Placement of silicone cups on back, shoulders and upper thighs using jojoba oil to release muscle tension. Facial cupping uses a delicate rose hip oil on the surface of the face to stimulate collagen production, release sinus pressure and relieve headache.