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Charles Brynan III, MRP

Certified Reflexologist

Meg Mautz, CR,CFR

Certified Reflexologist

Certified Facial Reflexologist

Anna Martin, CR

Certified Reflexologist


Jeff McCreary, MRP

Certified Reflexologist

Your Reflexologists

   There are approximately 7000 nerves and almost 250,000 nerve endings in each hand and foot. With literally thousands of reflex points located all over the body, our Reflexologists are continually learning the newest and most effective techniques available in the world. 

   Reflexology is as much a science as it is an art. Every Reflexologist has their style and personality that makes their sessions as unique as you are. While the styles of Reflexologists vary, their goal is still the same - to give you the very best reflexology treatment that's customized just for you!​

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Reflexology Practitioners do not diagnose, treat or cure diseases and/or illnesses.  If you have a health problem, medical emergency, or a general health question, we will always recommend that you should consult with your doctor. Reflexology is a complement to, not a replacement for, regular medical care. Information on our site should not be construed as medical advice.

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