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Client Testimonials

   These are actual submissions from our clients about their experience at Central Penn Reflexology. Often times, we're one of the last places people go for help because they've never heard of reflexology before. Usually a friend or family member that is one of our clients referred them because they know it has helped them. There's nothing so wonderful to experience than to watch a person who was struggling so much to improve significantly over a relatively short period of time.

    While results will vary depending upon many variables, there are many success stories. They are of various concerns and issues, but to that person, it was successful. If you are currently a client, it's always so appreciated to leave a testimonial of your experience so others may know the many ways reflexology can encourage your health.


  The testimonials on the home page are excerpts from these full testimonials.

"I know it can happen because I've been there too. To be so limited in what I was able to do for 10 years with such muscular back pain and spasms after numerous medications, General Practitioner appointments, physical therapy, orthopedic appointments was extremely discouraging to say the least. Then to go to a reflexologist and have them get me to the point, in just 3 months, to where the pain was no longer there was absolutely amazing to me! It's been 15 years and still no lower back pain. I was very skeptical then but that's why I'm a reflexologist now."  Jeff McCreary


 "I Started at Central Penn Reflexology almost four years ago. Jeff is my primary therapist. I have had four spinal fusions and deal with chronic pain. When my Orthopedic Surgeon began tracking me for a fifth surgery, I decided to try and add reflexology to my daily self healing. Currently, my surgeon is amazed that the progression of my L5/S1 collapse has not increased and my over all movement and function is much improved. He says " whatever your doing... keep doing it."  I've since added my husband for therapy and we never miss our "Jeff" appointments twice a month.
  Both our age related health issues are improved and we are grateful to have found Central Penn Reflexology. Jeff and his staff are committed therapists who see the whole person, not just the ailment. Their approach to whole body wellness continues with a relaxing and caring atmosphere where their clients can step in and unwind from their hectic lifestyles." K.D.


  Jeff is extremely educated and talented at reflexology, as he continues to apply new techniques to his already amazing ability to heal. Thank you Central Penn Reflexology!! You have changed our lives for the better and we are blessed to have found you.“Since beginning reflexology 18 months ago, my migraines have ceased, my neck and joint pain is greatly reduced and I no longer suffer from anxiety. I have one session every two weeks to maintain the benefits and have also experienced more energy and an overall sense of good health.”  L.B.

"Jeff's reflexology is one of the most important, positive changes I've made in my life.  I came to reflexology in 2013 suffering the effects of a stressful job, overweight, fatigued, and possessing the typical middle aged "aches and pains."  I felt immediate changes even after the first session, mainly as a sensation of calm and relaxation.  Initially the effects of a reflexology session would wane after a day or two, but as time passed I found lasting, long-term benefits starting to emerge.  Much of Jeff's work focuses on internal organs that regulate stress response.  The long-term effect of reflexology has been relief of stress as well as mitigation of various annoyances (sinus pressure, hip ache, etc.).  The key to benefiting from reflexology is consistency-- I have found it vital to see Jeff on a routine basis to sustain reflexology's beneficial effects."  J.B.

  “ I belong to West Shore Senior Center and attended a Seminar at their facility regarding Reflexology which was conducted by Jeff.  I was amazed at what I learned.
   I then started going to Jeff for 1-hr sessions, monthly.  It is amazing how good I feel.  I no longer have a pain in my thigh which occurred while walking.  I have degenerative back disease and constantly had pain.  Prior to going to Jeff I went to a massage therapist which helped with my back for several days but nothing long term.  I no longer have pain in my back.  
   I have learned so much from Jeff.  Reflexology works with the nerves in your feet and massage therapists work with muscles. Reflexology is the best as I continue to go to Jeff monthly and do my routines at home.” J.S.

“I moved to Lancaster 10 years ago and have been looking for a good reflexologist and have been to several.  Jeff is the real deal.  Knows the game and science of the foot. Best I have seen... period.  
I have a genetic "high anxiety" problem.  Nothing works for me like a reflexology session... nothing!  It lets me completely relax, gives me energy and an overall body peace.  It is the best "pill" I have ever taken.  
  Every business executive under lots of pressure should visit Jeff once a week. It is just the best deal in town for stress relief.”   R.G.

“Reflexology with Jeff has really helped with my sciatica pain and my migraines. I really enjoy the reflexology on my feet, hands, face and ears. Yes, ears.  I have also realized that I prefer reflexology over massage. If you would ask me what I get the most benefit from “I say all” so please don’t make me choose.   J.S.D.

“I was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer last June and I had substantial pain when I laid on my right side. My blood pressure was high and I was nauseated and tired. I’m a big believer in reflexology, so I had Jeff work on me twice a week for the 2 months then once a week thereafter. After just three weeks, the pain in my side no longer bothered me, my nausea was much better and I had energy to shop and take care of my house. My blood pressure has since normalized and my doctor said I no longer needed medication. It’s been almost a year since I was diagnosed with cancer and I still have no pain and go out several times a week with friends and family.  My doctors say I’m a walking miracle and I would have to agree.”   E.K. Age 86

“I have had lower back pain for over 30 years. I tried various medical treatments with very little success. I have also suffered from gastric reflux over the past 6 months that required medication to control. After only 3 sessions with Jeff,  my gastric reflux has not been a problem and my lower back pain has improved greatly. I have not taken any medication for gastric reflux  and I have more energy now that my lower back feels better.”   J.K.    Age 57

“I want to thank you for relieving the stress and pain in my shoulders and lower back.   It's hard to believe how three weekly appointments can make such a difference.   Continuing visits (but not weekly) to keep everything in check is amazing. I'm also surprised at how much better my sleep pattern is,  too.  I still have some occasional problems staying asleep, but I’m doing much better. Thanks again for your help. I'll continue to see you to stay healthy.  –S.E.

  “I went with my wife to one of her reflexology appointments; while I was there Jeff offered me a trial session. During my treatment he explained some of the benefits of reflexology. As I am in renal failure, I decided he might help me stave off renal dialysis. I have continued to visit him on a weekly basis as well as maintaining my main stream treatment by a nephrologist. Over the 3 months of treatments by Jeff, my lab results have slightly improved instead of continuing to decline, warding off the need to start dialysis.”  –W.F.

  “I was not actively seeking a reflexology practitioner when I was referred to Jeff. At a seminar many years ago I had experienced the benefit of reflexology. I contacted Jeff and made an appointment. He relieved my chronic nasal congestion immediately and I had a new sense of well being after my first treatment I have continued weekly sessions since then. I find I am more mobile, have less stiffness since starting this therapy.” –C.F.

  "Like most people these days, I am busy and stressed out the majority of the time. So it is no surprise that I experience anxiety and chronic pain daily. I have degenerative arthritis in my back as well as an inflamed sciatic nerve, bum knees, and a lot of shoulder pain that slow me down.
  I rarely slept through the night, once I finally was able to fall asleep that is. As a result, I am overweight, have high blood pressure, teetering sugar levels, and struggle with infertility issues with very irregular cycles. I also have mild reflux, allergies, frequent sinus problems. Many of these symptoms seem to be things of the past and all are greatly diminished in intensity! 
  Jeff has helped me to understand why my feet hurt so badly. I felt like I was walking on clouds after my first session.  I sleep through the night and wake refreshed and sometimes even before my alarm. I hit the ground running most mornings now. My stress, anxiety, and blood pressure seems to be declining. 
  I leave every session relaxed, refreshed, renewed, and with my creative juices flowing. Reflexology is helping me to life the life I always wanted to live. Thanks, Jeff."  –C. G.

“I have a very stressful job. The treatments I received from Lancaster Reflexology have done a great deal to relieve my stress and help me to relax, something that I find nearly impossible to do with any other form of therapy. It has helped me deal with my chronic insomnia which is something I have lived with for over 30 years. I am truly amazed at how well Jeff can read my symptoms without me divulging anything about how I am feeling. I started my treatments with very little hope they would help and wound up looking forward to the next visit.”  –R. M.

“I was having pain for two years due to a Plantar Faciitis operation on my foot. The doctor said I had scar tissue wrapped around some nerves. After 5 reflexology sessions with Jeff, the nerve pain decreased significantly with only slight discomfort currently. I'm looking forward to continued relief."  –R. D.

“I have really enjoyed my reflexology treatments. It was a new experience for me and I found them very relaxing.“   –J. M.

“After only five treatments, I’ve noticed three areas of improvement:
           1. Improved circulation in both legs.
           2. More feeling in my toes on my left foot.
           3. Improvement with the right side of my face due to Bell’s Palsy.”   

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