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Cancellation Policy


  We understand that life throws us curves every so often, but  please give us a minimum of 24 hour notice if you have to cancel your appointment. The scheduling system will not allow you to cancel your appointment on line. Please phone or text us at 717-461-5909 to let us know you can't make it.


Cancellation Fees

Call or text us with a 24 hour or more notice............    $ 0

Less than 24 hour notice/no show appts.......................$35

​Late Arrival Policy

   If you're late for your appointment, you're always welcome. A 30-minute appointment is much better than no appointment at all. Since every appointment is scheduled at the top-of-each-hour, your appointment will end 10 minutes before the next appointment regardless of how late you were. The cost of the appointment will still be whatever that Practitioner charges for a full appointment.

Winter Weather

   If you have any doubts about driving in snow and/or ice, don't take the chance. Just give the office a call or text us as early as you can and let us know. There are never any late cancellation fees for bad or dangerous driving conditions. Your safety is what's important.

Child Care Policy

   We are not able to provide child care services. If your child/teenager/young adult is old enough and can wait in the waiting room without supervision, you are more than welcome to bring them. You're always welcome to bring your child into your appointment with you.

Pet Policy

   Primarily due to noise and allergy issues, we do not allow pets in the office. Service dogs are always welcome. 

Perfume and Cologne Policy

  Because of the sensitivities of others and the strength that some people maintain on their skin, we ask that you refrain from using perfumes or colognes before your appointment.

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