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Client Intake Form Download

First Time Clients


   Thank you for taking the first step in taking care of your health with reflexology! Whether you are just researching or interested in making your first appointment, we'll walk you through every step of the way. The information on this page will walk you through everything you'll need to know about your first appointment.


Before Your Arrival


Client Form

   Please download a simple single page form, print a copy, fill out form and bring to your appointment. If you're not familiar with how to download the form, you can fill one out upon your arrival at our office. The form takes 5-10 minutes to complete so please arrive at least 10 minutes early if you need to complete the form here. The Client form is available for download to your left.


How to Dress

   One of the great things about reflexology is that you only need to remove your shoes and socks. You can come in your work clothes, jeans and a t-shirt, or dress clothes--it really doesn't matter. You'll be reclining comfortably in a zero-gravity recliner for about 50 minutes so most people find that dressing very casual is most comfortable.


Directions to the Office

   We are located at 1899 Lititz Pike, Lancaster, PA 1760. Please click here to see a map.



   We are not able to provide childcare services and the office is not set-up that your toddler can be alone in the waiting room. Children that are old enough to content themselves are more than welcome to stay in the waiting room which is located right beside the room you'll be in. To make the session as beneficial as possible to you, we recommend that you come alone or have someone else along to watch your children in our waiting area.


During Your Session


   Sessions begin at the top of every hour and last 50 minutes. A session may consist of foot, hand, ear and facial styles of reflexology depending upon what your session goals are. If there is a style you prefer to opt out of, please let us know. We use a water-based, hypo-allergenic, natural cream during the sessions it does not smear make-up.


   Early in the session we'll discuss the concerns that you have and create some session goals with you. Your sessions will never be exactly the same because you won't be exactly the same every time you come in. Notes will be taken during the session so that when you come in the next time, we'll pick up right where we left off.


   All you need to do during a session is take off your shoes and socks, sit in the reclining chair and relax. We will ask you some questions during the session and you can ask questions also. We will dim the lights, put on some relaxing music and give you some time to just unwind. Lightweight blankets are available if you get cold. You can fall asleep if you like, as many clients do.


After Your Session


   When your session is over, just put on your socks and shoes/sandals and you're ready to go. Enjoy the fresh feel of your newly invigorated feet and how relaxed you will be.

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