Central Penn Reflexology Waiting Room

Waiting Room with Healthy Embraces display

Central Penn Reflexology's Waiting Room

Unwind, Relax,

Make Yourself at Home.

You're Our Special Guest.


   We so appreciate everyone that comes to visit us and we would like to make your experience as pleasant as possible. Calming incandescent lighting will greet you as you walk in the door. Enjoy a hot cup of tea or coffee. Browse through our very own Healthy Embraces products.


   Enjoy a current magazine as you relax in our quiet waiting room. You'll be occupying one of our two tastefully decorated reflexology rooms for your session while enjoying the soft melodic music with Bose surround sound.


   Spend 90 minutes in one of our many classes. Learn more about essential oils than you ever thought possible while having lots of hands on fun when making your own products. Or try one of our "Reflexology for Your Friends and Family classes. Professional, clean, peaceful and accommodating. It's all the little things that create an enjoyable experience.

Waiting Room with Coffee, Tea and Hot Chocolate Station

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Practitioner Room 3

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Healthy Embraces Oils Room

Essential Oils Mixing Room

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